Friday, November 11, 2016

Picked UP the RV, More Work on the Van Roof.


The RV.

We picked the RV up from the shop around 10:00. The new generator works a lot better than the old one ever did.

Van Roof.

The roof of the van was wet from dew until around 2:00. 
Once it was dry I Painted the fiber glassed area with Rustolium red oxide primer.
Around 4:00 I checked the paint and found several pin holes.
I had to sand the paint off the places where the pin holes were and add some more epoxy to those spots.
If it gets dry enough today I’ll paint those areas.
I still have to calk the windshield, then I will be done with the van until next spring.

The Rest of the time.

We have been spending the rest of the time getting the RV ready to head south for the winter.
We are leaving on Tuesday.

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