Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More Work on the Van and a Visit to a Barn


Van Roof.

By yesterday afternoon I had the whole side of the Van roof glassed.
I didn’t take a  picture of it yesterday but went out this morning and got this shot.


You can see the excess cloth sticking out above the gutter.
I will have to wait until all that overnight dew dries up before I can do any more work on it. All I have to do is some sanding and apply the last coat of epoxy and then paint.

A Visit to a Barn

Around 4:00 we drove up to Joanne and Dave’s place where we met with a friend of theirs.
Her father had passed away a couple years ago and she has been telling us about his barn and the stuff he collected.

We finally got the chance to visit the barn yesterday afternoon.

The Barn.


The machine shop.

The door on the right is the machine shop.


It looks like there are a few projects underway.

The Museum.

The center section of the barn is where his collection of hit and miss engines is stored along with a lot of other cool stuff.

Hit and miss engines.
Hit and miss engines are the first gasoline powered engines developed.


This is the largest collection of hit and miss engines I have ever seen.
They range from this huge green one

to this row of little boppers.


There is also a collection of jacks of all kinds


and Wood Planes.


The device on the table is a “hog oiler”.

A Drill Wall.


Other Antiques.


The Wood Shop.

In the left side of the barn is a beautifully appointed wood shop.


What a great tour.
I have dreamed of having such a work space as a barn like this.

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  1. Amazing shop!..I'm sure many don't know about Hit and Miss engines..I think the show Pickers was where I learned about them...
    Thanks for sharing.