Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shopping and Puttering.



This morning around 10:00 Patti went with Jo Ann and Dave to Parker to do some shopping.
They also stopped at the Casino. Patti broke even after about an hour of play.


Finish the Radio Install.

While they were gone, I finished installing the new radio in the RV.


This radio does a lot of stuff that I don’t need. It has a phone setting? And blue tooth? And some stuff I have never heard of.
I don’t need any of that stuff but it does have an aux input which is all I need to listen to my XM.
That works fine.

New LED lights.

I wanted to replace a couple of the interior light covers so I went to the local RV store to see if I could find them.
As it turns out my fixtures are so old that there aren’t any replacement covers available. I tried a couple of places with no luck.
Eventually I decided to buy two new fixture’s. As long as I was at it I decided to get the ones with LED lights. I was a bit shocked by the price $29 each. It ended up costing $63.89 for two fixtures. Ouch!

I took the fixtures home and installed them.

They have 9 LED’s in them and are very bright.


The two of them are all the light we need for most things.
That should save a little on our electric bill.

Fixing the Shed Door.

The door on the shed doesn’t close correctly as there is no door stop on the jam. I found a piece of scrap lying on the ground. It is a 1X2 about 18” long I screwed it to the jam and now the door closes the way it should.

Loose Shower Fixture.

I have noticed that when I turn off the water in the shower that the fixture moves a bit.
I had to take a lot of stuff out of the pantry and remove a panel in there to get to the back of the fixture. Once I got that off it was a simple task to tighten the fixture. Now it won’t move and won’t leak either although I didn’t notice any leaking.

Prime Rib at the Mountain Quail.

Patti got home around 3:45 and we put away the groceries.
At around 4:30 we drove to the Mountain Quail for the Prime Rib dinner special.
When we first started to go there for the special about 9 years ago it was $14.99. Now it is up to $16.99. A $2 increase in nine years. I guess that’s still not bad.
The dinner was excellent and were stuffed.

Another good day in paradise.Smile

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