Friday, November 4, 2016

At the Cabin With Harvey.

Picking up Harvey

I picked Harvey up at around 9:00 and we headed for the cabin.
We got there around 11:00 and got moved in. No one had used the place since Patti and I were there so it was in good shape.

The Fire Ring.

After we got moved in, we took the van down the hill to where I had pulled the stock trough.
We tried to get the tub in to the van but it wouldn’t fit through the door.

We Need Rope

We went back up to the cabin to get some rope so we could drag the tub up the hill.
I couldn’t find the 1000 foot climbing rope that I had in the dining hall. I guess some one decided that they needed the rope more than we did.
Fortunately there was a shorter piece of poly rope in the loft so we took that and went back to get the tub.
We tied the rope around the tub and then to the tow hitch on the van.
We headed up the hill dragging the tub behind us.
The tub followed along like a puppy.

Cutting the Tub.

Once we got the tub up to the camp we had to cut the top section off.

Unfortunately I didn’t think of taking any pictures during all this until the tub was ready to set in place.

Once we got the tub cut we set it in place.


We marked the position of the tub by turning it back and forth. Then we dug a trench to set it in. Once it was in place we surrounded the ring with rocks to stabilize it. After that we dug out some of the dirt on the inside

Here is the fire ring in place.

This should keep all the fire debris in one place.

A walk in the woods.

Around 4:00  I decided that we should take a walk up to check out the flow on the upper springs.

We headed up the road to the tanks and when we got there every thing was flowing just fine.
After checking the tanks out we continued up the road to where the cabin loop trail starts.
Harvey said that he didn’t remember a trail here so I decided that we should follow the trail back to the cabin.

We stopped at the first bench so I could take a break.


Then we continued out the trail.


We were back at the cabin by 4:30.

I put a couple steaks on the grill around 5:30. We had supper and just talked until bed time.

Thursday Morning.

After breakfast and sitting around for a while it was time to get the place cleaned up and get ready to go home.

The first thing we did was to load up the wood tray in the cabin with dry wood.
After that we split a bunch of wood.


This wood we stacked on the porch for the next guests.


We also covered the other wood plies with tarps.


Cleaning the Cabin.

Once we were done with the firewood I wiped down all the surfaces  and swept the cabin out. We loaded all our stuff in the van and headed for home.

Going home.

We left the cabin around 12:30 and got home around 2:00.

It was a fun couple of days and I enjoyed Harvey’s help and company.

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