Tuesday, November 8, 2016

More Rust In the Van Roof.

Damp Day.

Sunday morning it was drizzling lightly when I got up. The rest of the day was overcast and damp so I didn’t do any work on the van.

Found More Rust.

Monday morning was overcast but it didn’t rain at all.
There was condensation on the roof until around 10:00 and it got quite warm out.
While I was checking the roof out I found more rust all along the top on the passengers side.
Another of my 30 year old repairs failing.

This is what it looked like after I cleaned it up with the wire wheel.
Unfortunately the roof rack is in the way of any more work so I will have to wait for help to remove the rack. Fortunately Harvey is coming over to have me look at a problem he is having with his car.



Fixing Harvey’s car.

Harvey came by around 11:30. His car has been having an idle problem.
I had looked on the internet to see if I could learn anything about the problem.
There I found a video that showed that the problem was with the Idle control sensor. The fix is to spray some carburetor cleaner into a port on the throttle body that goes to the sensor. It was an easy fix all we had to do was pull the air input tube and squirt some cleaner into the a small port in the throat of the throttle body just in front of the air intake valve.

We put it back together and it worked just fine. We will have to wait until Harvey tries to start the car when it is cold.

Removing the Roof Rack From the Van.

Once we were finished with Harvey’s car we attacked the roof rack. The rack was a bit heavy so it was a struggle to get it off with just two of us but eventually we got it off.
I don’t remember the rack being that heavy when I built it and put it on the van but I was a lot younger then.
Harvey went home shortly after that and I got back to grinding rust out of the van roof.
Once we got the rack off I found more rust.

Here is what it looked like after the rack was removed, the rust ground out and before I sprayed it with rust restorer.


That’s as far as I got on the roof project yesterday. Today I will continue. We have a couple of days before we get more rain so I got to get this done.

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