Monday, November 28, 2016

An Aborted Trip to Blythe and Some Repairs


A Ride to Blythe, CA.

We didn’t have anything planned for Sunday.
We hung around the place until around noon then decided to take a ride to Blythe, CA, about 20 miles west of “Q”.
There were a few items that Patti couldn’t get in Parker when she went with Jo Ann and Dave so we thought we would go to Blythe to see if we could get them there and maybe have lunch at the deli.

As we were leaving Quartzsite we noticed that all the gas stations were full to overflowing. 
After a bit we realized that this was the Sunday after Thanksgiving and everyone was heading home after the long weekend.

We were going west on I-10 and when we approached the last Arizona exit at Ehrenburg we could see that the freeway was backing up from the California Inspection station about a mile away.
We quickly decided to take the exit while we had a chance  and thought we would just stop at the Wendy’s for lunch right there at the Flying J.
The place was a mess with big trucks and cars going in all directions; we narrowly missed getting run over by an 18 wheeler as we entered the parking lot.
One look at the mess in the parking lot and we decided to just head back to “Q” and try going to Blythe another day.
By the time we got back on the freeway heading back to “Q”; the west bound traffic was already backed up past the exit we had just taken.

Lunch at the Bad Boys.

On the way back to “Q” we decided to go to The Bad Boys Café for lunch and that is what we did.
As always we had a nice lunch there. Unfortunately our favorite sandwich “Ray’s special Chicken sandwich” (Chicken with cheese, bacon and mushrooms and chipotle mayo.) was not on the special’s board. Patti asked about it and the lady at the counter was surprised that it wasn’t there but said that we could order it so Patti ordered the Ray’s special. I had already decided that I wanted to try their Grilled Chicken with Pepper-jack and Ortega peppers.
When the waitress delivered our sandwiches she told us that that was the last Ray’s special because they had discontinued it.
Knowing that I wish I had ordered one for myself. The sandwich I had was very good though so I have no complaint’s.

A Water Leak.

As we were leaving the RV to go on this little adventure Patti noticed that there was water dripping from the spigot we were connected to. I turned off the spigot so it wouldn’t leak while we were gone.
When we got home I inspected the connection and found that the leak was where the hose-bib was connected. Where the hose was connected to the filter there is a brass 3/4” MPT to 3/4” hose adapter that is screwed into a 3/4” coupler.
I had used some Teflon tape on the threads when I put it together but it was still leaking. I took the connection apart and after removing the tape, I spread some Rector-seal on then threads and screwed the connection back together. As I was tightening it up I tightened it to much and split the coupler.

Oh Shit!!!


The hardware store is closed on Sunday. “Where am I going to get parts”?

Looking for Parts.

I got in the jeep and went to K. B. Tools (one of the vendors that show up every winter here in Quartzsite and has a lot of different stuff for RV’s.)
They didn’t have general plumbing stuff.

What Now?

There is a store in “Q” called the Big Market (locally known as the dirty store. If you ever go in there you will now why)
They carry some RV stuff and some hardware items. I was fortunate that they had what I needed to fix the problem.
I bought a 3/4” FPT to 3/4” hose adapter.
When I got home I put some rector-seal on the pipe threads and screwed the adapter on to the pipe and hooked the hose to it and it worked perfect. No drips.

Hanging out.

The rest of the day we spent reading and just hanging out.

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