Monday, August 18, 2014

Some shopping for the cabin and a visit to friends 08-18-14

I needed some things for the cabin so I went to Friedman Bros hardware store yesterday to pick up some 6” flue pipe for the wood stove and 500 ft of 1/2” plastic irrigation pipe for the new water springs. I also got a selection of fittings and hose clamps.

After I got back from the store, Patti and I went to visit with Loraine and Jerry.
We sat in their large, shady backyard and visited for a couple of hours.
When we got home I began putting stuff together for my week at the cabin.

I have to go to get some blood drawn this morning.
When I get back from that I will put the last of the stuff in the jeep and off to the cabin I go.

I will be there until Sunday 08-24 so there will be no blogs until after then.

Have a good week.

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