Friday, August 8, 2014

Redmond OR to Glendale OR 08-08-14

We got up early Thursday morning and got everything ready to go in Plan B. We said our good-bys to Becki and Samantha, then got into Plan B, went to the local RV dump station, dumped and were on the road by 9:30.

We headed south on Hwy 97 with a view of the Three Sisters to the west.


We continued south through Bend, La Pine, Gilchrist and Chemult where we stopped to gas up at the Pilot there.

When we got to Hwy 138 we turned west.


Hwy 138 is very scenic with a steep climb for the first 15 or so miles. From the top of this climb to Roseburg on I-5, it is all down hill.
The highway goes by several lakes but most of them are back in the woods. The one that you can see from the highway is Diamond Lake.


It is a large beautiful lake.

The road winds through the mountains.


There are views of crags.


The road follows the North Umpqua river on the west side of the mountains.


Someday we will have to come up here to spend some time fishing the Umpqua River. There are some beautiful holes that can be seen from the highway.

After four and a half hours of driving we arrived at Kathi and Bob’s place. It was nice to be off the road.

We went to the Seven Feathers Casino for their seafood buffet. It was one of the best casino buffet’s that I have been to in a long time. I stuffed myself with oysters on the half shell; I ate at least fifteen oysters. There was crab, steamed shrimp, deep fired prawns, deep fried oysters, mussels, asian noodles with bay shrimp and lots of other foods such as prime rib, ham, Tacos, spaghetti, etc.
After dinner Patti and Kathi play on the machines for a while; then we headed back to Kathi and Bob’s place.

It was a long day and very hot.

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