Sunday, August 10, 2014

A couple of days in Glendale, OR. 08-10-14

Okay, it has been a couple of days since the last post so now it’s time to catch up.

FRIDAY 08-08-14

Friday morning I tried checking out the generator on Plan B to see why it wouldn’t start.
As it turned out there is plenty of spark but no fuel getting to the carburetor. It looks like the fuel pump isn’t working. Everything in the generator is stuffed into a very small space. I tried following the fuel line back to the pump without success. A lot of the remainder of the day was spent trying to get some information about the generator on line. No joy there either. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I get home to investigate further.

SATURDAY 08-09-14

We took a Jeep ride with Kathi and Bob into the mountains east of Glendale.

We drove south about four miles on I-5 to the little town of Wolf Creek where we topped off the tanks.

From there we got on Speaker Rd and followed it east into the mountains. The road starts out paved.


At the Josephine county line the pavement gives way to gravel.


We ate dust for the rest of the day.

The road eventually climbs into the mountains.
As we drove along, we passed some ponds that could be seen back in the woods.


Eventually we got high enough into the mountains where we started getting some views of the valleys below.


As we continued to climb, the roads got smaller and smaller. Some places were choked with brush.


Most of the smaller roads led to cul d’ sacs and we had to turn around.

At one place, I had to stop to eat some wild Raspberries.

We eventually got on a road that was more traveled. We followed it for most of the rest of the day.

As we traveled along we came to this Quonset hut that looked like a bomb had gone off in side.


A little further down the road we came to a large clearing with a small pond. There was a guy sitting by the pond.

We stopped for a while to talk to him. As it turned out the guy (Dave) had been coming here for years and had a lot of information about the place.
One thing he told us was that the Quonset hut we saw had been crushed by an extreme snow fall some years ago. And hence forth had been scavenged by the locals.

As I talked to Dave I found out that he also wintered in Quartzsite so we had a good gab fest, comparing the different places we knew about down there.

The pond was full of gold fish.


Dave informed us that the road we were on would eventually take us back to I-5. We said our goodbyes and continued our ride.

At one spot there was a large rock that had been decorated like some of the places we find in the desert.


It could be some kind of memorial?


We stopped for lunch at a wide spot alongside the road where there was some shade.


As we were having lunch we noticed some large cones at the top of the trees.


After lunch we continued our ride enjoying the views of the valleys below.


We took a few turn off’s that ended in cul d’ sac’s.

One road took us past this mining camp.


We continued on and went through a logging area.


We kept on this road for a while and passed a turn off that had some cool switchbacks. I stopped to take some pictures.


We continued on for about a mile until the road we were on ended at a pile of logs.


We turned around and took the switchback road.


As it turned out this was the road that we wanted to get out of the woods.

Eventually we came to a bridge that crosses Cow Creek.


We saw a bunch of people standing on the bridge and asked what they were doing. As it turned out they were throwing ashes of departed family members into the creek.

As usual Patti took some nice flower pictures.

Here are some ferns that are a little different than what we see at home.


Here are some that appear to be huge Dandelions.


I’m not sure what these are called but flower looks like a little like Queen Ann’s Lace.


I think these are called Shooting Stars.


Patti was really pleased with this picture of a butterfly on a thistle.


Just after crossing the bridge we came to Quines Creek Road where we turned left and in a short time we were on I-5 about six miles north of Glendale. In just a short time we were back at Kathi and Bobs.

We went to dinner at Serifino’s Italian Restaurant in Canyonville. The food was very good.

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