Sunday, August 3, 2014

2 days in Plymouth, WA and the ride to Redmond, OR 08-03-14

We decided to stay in the Plymouth, WA Corps of Engineers RV park.
It is a very nice park and since it is a federal park our senior pass allows us to get a spot for half price $12.00 per night with full hookups.

It was very hot the day we arrived 103 degrees.
We hooked up and got the AC going. Then we took a drive across the river to Umatilla to get a new clamp for the + side of the battery on the jeep. The clamp was broken and has been giving us trouble for a couple of days.

When we got back to Plan B we were happy to find that the AC had cooled down the interior.

On Friday we took a ride to Hermiston, OR, about 8 miles from Plymouth. We went to the Safeway there to get a couple of things. While we were there we stopped at the Pheasant Cafe for lunch. The food was mediocre and the service was slow.

On the way out of town we saw one of those Time and Temperature signs and it showed 108 degrees. Yuck!!

We returned to the RV and hid in it for the rest of the day enjoying the AC

In the evening Patti got some nice sunset Pictures.


On Saturday morning we got up early and were on the road by 7:15.

As we drove along the south shore of the Columbia River,


we noticed this strange forest.


It turned out to be some kind of tree farm.
There is a similar tree farm along I-5 in Ca. The trees in that farm are Eucalyptus and are used as fuel for a power plant.
These trees are a different kind and we didn’t see any power plant.
This area is replete with Power generation when you consider that all the dams on the Columbia producing power


and the hills are covered with Windmills.


I don’t think they would be burning trees to create power.
Maybe these trees are for pulp?

We continued along until we got to Biggs, OR where we turned south on Hwy. 97.


Highway 97 goes through rolling farm land with working farms


and some that appeared to be  abandoned.


We drove through several small farming towns.
Such as Moro


and Grass Valley.


Eventually as we traveled south we left the farmland and entered an area of sparse forests and rocks.


After four hours of driving we finally arrived in Redmond, OR.

We took Becki and Samantha to lunch at Mazatlan Mexican restaurant. The food and service was excellent.

We are parked on the street next to Samantha’s apartment and will be here until Thursday.

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