Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RV Repairs, CT Scan, New Chairs and a Guitar 08-27-14


We got up early Monday morning and took the RV to the mechanic in Windsor to get it serviced and have the generator fixed.

After that we went to our financial adviser to check our finances. Things are still ok so I guess we can continue doing what we are doing.

The rest of the day I worked on trying to get my new computer working. There are still a couple of issues to straighten out  but it is getting better.


I got up around 6:30 Tuesday morning. I had to get a CT scan at 8:00.
After the scan Patti and I went out to breakfast at Hanks Creek Side Cafe.

After breakfast we went to the UPS store to get some stuff laminated. From there we went up to Windsor where we picked up Joanne and Dave and went to the Salvation Army store at Litton Springs.

We bought two more chairs for the cabin

One office chair with wheels. I don’t think the wheels will work on the uneven floor in the cabin but the chair is comfortable and was only $10.00.


The other chair is to replace one that is always kept behind the table for when we are playing cards or have guests. The old one is very uncomfortable. 
The “new” one
is an old style and kind of beat up so it will fit nicely with the cabin’s decor. It is also more comfortable that the one that is there now.


We also found a guitar for Harvey to use for a beginning guitar class he is taking this semester.


The guitar is a 3/4 size so it may not work for him but it only cost us $15.00 so if he can’t use it, it’s no big deal.

On the way back to Joanne and Dave’s we stopped for a late lunch.

Then we went to their house and visited for a while.

Around 6:00 we went to Applebee's for dessert. Their Triple Chocolate Meltdown dessert was awesome.

Ok that’s it for now. 


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