Monday, August 25, 2014

A week at the cabin 08-18 to 08-23 one

This blog is too long to publish as one post so I have to publish it in two parts. Here is part one.

Monday 08-18

Arrived at cabin around noon, unloaded jeep and moved into the cabin. 
Here is the new power supply for the XM radio in place.


I decided to take the top off the jeep.
I was going to take off the top hardware but found that I had left all my tools at home.

The refrigerator wasn’t working right but I had no tools to take it apart. “Wait a minute, I have a multi tool


and my cordless drill”.
The chuck on the drill fit’s the hex head screws that I have the back to the fridge held on with.

I took the back off the fridge and found that the flame tube was full of crud


so I used my small 12V air compressor to blow the stuff out of the flame tube. The fridge now works.
I replaced the back cover and g
oofed off rest of day.

Tuesday 08-19

After breakfast  I drove the jeep up hill to drag a tree out of the woods to cut up later.


After that I swept down a bunch of cob webs that had accumulated around the windows and screens and some from the rafters as well

Around 10:00 I took a walk.
I started up the road to the bear spring; turned off at the old hooter


Went down that trail to gully that I am going to call Nutmeg creek. There was some water in gully.


I thought about climbing the gully until I took a good look at all the debris in the way


so I walked back to the spring road turned left and began climbing the road to the crossing.

When I got to the Nutmeg Creek crossing I turned right climbed the very steep hill


until I arrive at the place where lots of California Nutmeg trees grow; hence the name Nutmeg Creek.
There is water seeping from the ground here.

I walked around there for a while looking for more springs. After a while I headed back to the cabin.
Got back at 2:30.
I noticed that there was no water coming from the overflow of the cabin spring. I went up the hill to check it out. As it turned out the overflow pipe had come apart at a fitting when I pulled on it to move the pipe so it would water a plumb tree.


After that was fixed and water was running from the overflow pipe in to the water feature.


I just hung out the rest of the day, enjoying a book and the breeze on my front porch.


Wednesday 08-20

It was a little foggy when I woke up this morning so after breakfast I took the jeep and the chainsaw up the hill to cut up the tree that I had pulled out on Tuesday.
I cut up most of it on the hill side but that is real hard on an already hurting back so I loaded what I had cut into the back of the jeep along with a piece about six feet long to be cut up down on the flat by the cabin.


Once at the cabin I stacked the wood from the jeep on the nice big stack that Joanne, Darlene and Dave gathered from the hill side.

I cut the big piece on the peeling horse. It’s easier on the back that way

Sat around and read for a while then, I took a walk up to the gate to unlock it for Bob. I stopped at both benches for a rest along the way.


Tried this macro shot of thistle and flies.


Bob showed up around 8:00.
We sat around and visited until around 10:00, then wandered off to our beds.

End of episode one.

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