Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Van is Fixed! I think.

Pointer From Bob

I was talking to Bob a couple days ago and he suggested that I check the vacuum connections to make sure the vacuum advance was on the right port. We discussed it for a while as I thought that I had the right connection to the advance. The TBI on his van is a little different than mine. It has more vacuum ports so there was a bit of confusion as to which port is which.

Check the Connections

Anyway, Yesterday I checked the vacuum connections and sure enough the vacuum advance was connected to the wrong port.
The port that it was connected to has vacuum at idle and no vacuum with when the throttle is depressed.
That is just the opposite from what the vacuum advance needs to operate properly.

Take a Ride.

I swapped the the vacuum lines and took a ride. The engine ran just great.
Now I can concentrate on other stuff.

Still Hot.

By noon the outside temp was already approaching the 90’s It’s going to be a hot sucker again. Time to hang out indoors.
It got to 104°.


Today, I am going to Bob’s to pickup a tire and wheel to use for a spare. The spare wheel that I have will only fit on the rear.
That is a bit inconvenient if a front tire goes flat.

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