Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Carpet for the Van, Supper with Joanne and Dave, Leaving for Idaho.


I went out to find some cheap carpet for the van yesterday. I went to Friedman Bros. No cheap carpet. I went to Pep-Boys, no carpet at all.
Pep-Boys is close to Home Depot so I went over there to see if they had some cheap carpet. Way in the back of the store there was a flat bed cart with a pile of various carpets on it. I dug through the pile and found two 6X8 pieces of indoor outdoor  carpet for about $20.00 per role.
The color is a bit light but there is enough carpet to cover the floor and ceiling and other places.

Supper with Joanne and Dave.

Around 4:30, Joanne and Dave came by. We went to El Charro  for supper. After supper we went home and visited until around 8:00 when Joanne and Dave left.

Leaving for Idaho.

It is 6:51 Tuesday Morning as I write this. We will be leaving here for Idaho by 8:00. We will be gone for 8 days.
Hopefully all my parts for the van will be delivered by the time we get home.

I will be posting when I can so hang in there.

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