Monday, June 12, 2017

Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Dave’s Birthday) and Monday.


Friday morning Dave and I went to visit Dave’s son, Lynn. We spent a while at his place then went to the North Highway Café for lunch. Just as we were pulling into the parking lot, Jo Ann and Patti were pulling out to continue their shopping.

Watch the Roast.

After lunch, Dave and I went back to their house.
Around 2:00 Jo Ann and Patti came home.
Jo Ann put a roast in the oven, told Dave and I to keep an eye on it then Patti and Jo Ann left for more shopping.
They were getting stuff for Dave’s birthday party on Sunday

Johnie and Diane Arrive.

Johnie (Jo Ann’s nephew) and Diane his wife were due to arrive from North Carolina at the airport at 6:00pm.
Dave and I went to the airport to pick them up. It was raining pretty hard by the time they came in. The rain continued through the night and off and on during the next day.

We had a very good roast beef supper and a great reunion with Johnie and Diane.


The ladies were planning another shopping expedition so Dave, Johnie and I got in Dave’s Jeep and took a ride.

Bone Store.

We drove east along the Snake River then turned south into the hills.
After winding around the hills for a while we came to the Bone Store.

This is the rebuilt Bone Store.


There is a Story Here.

Back in 1937, the first son of Wendell and Grace Rushton was borne on June 11th.
He was the first grandson of David Alan and Martha Ann Rushton.
David Alan was shearing sheep on their ranch in the mountains. When our Dave arrived his father road out to the ranch to tell the new grandfather of his grandson’s arrival.
When David Alan got the news he called a halt to the shearing and the whole crew mounted up and headed for the Bone Store to tip a beer or two in celebration.
The Bone Store was old even then.

We stopped in for a pop to commemorate that 80 year old event.

Cruising Through the Mountains.

After spending a little time at the Bone Store we continued our ride through the beautiful rolling country.


Eventually we dropped down to the Snake River and followed it to the Palisades Dam.

Here is the Dam and the outflow.


The Snake River is very high and muddy at this time.

Fall Creek Falls.

After crossing below the dam we continued along the road and passed Fall Creek Falls which drops into the Snake River.

This is our first view of the falls.


Eventually we got closer and could see the whole falls.


We stopped at a diner in Swan Valley for lunch.

This is a view of Swan Valley.


We got back to Dave’s house around 4:00 and found that the ladies had made reservations for supper at the Texas Road House.

Happy Birthday

Some how the waitress found out that tomorrow was Dave’s Birthday and of course she was obliged to humiliate him.
Of course Dave being a good sport went along with the game. They had him mount a saddle and we all Yee-hawwed.



Sunday, Dave’s Birthday Party.

At around 11:00 we went to the “Chuck-A-Rama” Buffett.


JoAnn had rented a room there from 11:00 to 1:00.


Dave and his cousin Dorothy at age 5.


Who would have thought, looking at that angelic five year old face, what a mischievous little boy lurked within that tiny body.

Once everyone arrived and we had eaten food, it was time for telling funny stories from Dave’s youth.

The Infamous Iona Chicken Lynching of 1944.

This is one of my favorite Dave stories.

At about the age when the above photo was taken Dave and a couple of his minions were playing cowboys and robbers. They decided that the neighbors chickens were the robbers.
The boys rounded up three of the desperadoes and proceeded to hang the thieves without a trial.


Unfortunately the neighbor saw what was happening and went to Dave’s mom and said; “Do you know what your boy is doing over at my place?”

“No, what is he doing?” Mom replied.

“He’s hanging my chickens!”

“What?!!” Mom cried. “I’ll tan his hide!”

So, after a server tongue lashing and no doubt a bit of willow punctuation. The Boys were made to pay $3.00 for each of the lynched hens. Of course $3.00 in 1944 was a sizable sum for a five year old boy to come up with. No doubt Dave had to work long and hard to come up with the money.

Here is Dave and cousin Dorothy as they are today.


There were a lot more stories told but there isn’t room here for all of them.

Dave and his living siblings: Ann, Nada and John.


Dave and his grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Dave and his two children; Lynn and Suzanne.


And of course Dave and Jo Ann.


It was a fun party.

Monday Morning Heading Home.

We said our goodbye's to Jo, Dave, Johnie and Diane and got on the road about 8:45. The weather is windy with rain and hail and very dark sky's.

We made it to Jackpot, Nevada by lunch time and stopped at Cactus Pete's to eat.
After lunch we topped off the tank and headed south toward Wells, NV.
We could see fresh snow accumulating on the mountains.


At Wells we turned west on I-80.
Somewhere between Elko and Winnemucca the snow was falling along the highway.


We got to Winnemucca around 4:00 PST. That’s far enough for one day.

We are staying at the Model “T” Casino/Hotel.
By tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better so we should be home in the afternoon.

Okay I guess that pretty much catches us up for now.

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