Sunday, June 4, 2017

Still Working on the Van.

New Sparkplugs.

I have replaced every thing on the ignition system except the sparkplugs so Friday morning I bought a set of plugs and installed them. I don’t think they will make any difference but at least now I will know that everything in the ignition is good.

Dave H Stops By.

I was trying to figure out what to do about a radiator overflow bottle when Dave showed up. We visited for an hour or so then he left and I went back to the overflow bottle project. 

A Visit From Bob.

Around 2:00 Bob stopped by for a visit. We discussed the problem that I am having with the TBI. We decided that we needed to get the springs on so we can take it for a ride with a fuel pressure gauge hooked up to the engine so we can see what the fuel pressure is doing when the engine flattens out. Of course we will have to wait until I get the springs. They are not ready yet.

Installed the Fuel Pressure Gauge.

After bob left I rigged a fuel pressure gauge up to the TBI with a “T” and a couple of pieces of 5/16'” fuel line so we can watch it while we are driving.


Overflow Bottle.

These old vehicles like the van do not have any overflow bottle for the radiator. They just dump the coolant on the ground.  There isn’t much room for a bottle in the engine compartment. I found just one spot on the right side of the engine in a corner by the radiator.


The bottle sits on a small brace for the radiator and is held in place by a very long zip tie. I don’t think it is large enough for all the overflow but will at least capture most of the fluid.

A Road trip.

Tuesday morning we are leaving for a trip to Idaho Falls. We will be gone until the 15th of June.
Our friend Dave R. is turning 80 on the 11th of June and we are going to his Party.

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