Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jackpot, Nevada to Idaho Falls, Gambling and Shopping.


Around 9:30 Wednesday morning we topped off the gas and left Jackpot on the last leg of our trip to Idaho Falls.
The ride to Idaho Falls was uneventful and by 1PM we were at Jo Ann and Dave’s place.
It was a great reunion and we visited for the rest of the day.


The Girls go to the Casino.

This morning Patti and Jo went to Fort Hall to the casino there. After that they were going to stop at Walmart and there is a Cabela's in Idaho Falls so they were going to stop there to see if Patti can buy some new flannel sheets for the bunks in the van.

Dave and I go shopping.

The Army Surplus Store.

Dave and I went to the big Army Surplus store in Idaho Falls.
I was looking for a new web belt, a hat, some cast iron lids for some of my skillets at home and a mosquito netting for the bunks in the van.
Unfortunately they didn’t have the netting I was looking for but I saw some on line at the Walmart site.  I figure I can get that when I get home.
I did find two cast iron lids and two belts. I couldn’t find a hat I liked however.

A Second Hand Store

We stopped at a second hand store just to take a look to see what they had. It was a big store with lots of stuff but we didn’t find any thing that we couldn’t live without so we got out of there without spending any cash.


We stopped for lunch at a truck stop. Then we headed for home.

Stop at an Auto Wreckers.

On the way home we stopped at the biggest wrecking yard in Idaho Falls to see if just maybe they would have a window regulator for the drivers side door on the van. As I suspected, they didn’t have one.
From here we headed back to J & D’s house.

Waiting for JO and Patti to get home.

It’s around 2:10 as I write this. The ladies are on the way home from there last stop (Cabela’s).
I wonder if Patti found the sheets that we saw on their web site.
I hope so.
If not we will have to stop at the Cabela’s in Boomtown, Nevada on the way home to see if they have the sheets.

Patti and Jo came home around 5:00. there were no sheets at Cabela’s and no mosquito netting at Walmart.

After a bit, Jo and I fixed taco’s for supper.
After supper we watch the Western Channel on Dish until bed time.

Okay that pretty much  catches us up for today.

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