Thursday, June 15, 2017


Picking up the Springs.

We got home from Idaho around 2:00. Once we got the car unloaded we decided to go out for lunch.
While we on our way to lunch we stopped at The Spring Works to see if the springs for the van were ready.
The guy at the spring store told me that the springs had just arrived but they had to put them together. You have to understand that I ordered the spring work almost a month ago. It doesn’t take a month to make two springs.
Anyway, I ended up picking the springs up yesterday around 9:00am.


I needed new bushings where the shackle connects to the frame so the guy at Spring Works went through his spare parts and came up with some bushings. The bushings were a little big on the outside and a little small on the inside so it was a struggle getting the springs on.  After a lot of sweat and bad language, I finally got the springs on.


Today I plan to finish tightening the springs, connect the steering, connect the shocks, install new brake pads and the tires.

With any kind of luck I’ll get this all done today.

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