Thursday, June 22, 2017

A visit with Bob, New Tires on the Van, A Visit From my Brother, Dinner and Cards with J&D.

On the Way to Bob’s.

Around 11:30 Tuesday morning, I headed over to Bob’s. I needed to pick up a new spare wheel. The one I have doesn’t fit on the front hubs as it was designed for drum brakes and wont fit over the disk brake calipers on the front.

A couple of Stop’s.

On the way I had to stop at the bank to cash a check.
From the bank I stopped by Americas Tire to order new tires for the van. I ordered a set of the new BF Goodrich TA radial all terrain KO2’s. These are the upgrade to the old reliable KO’s which were an excellent off road tire.
The tires will be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday).

At Bob’s

At Bob’s we spent some time visiting and discussing all the difficulties that I have encountered with the van lately and vans in general. I am sure glad that the problem is behind me and the van runs good again.

Fresh Fruit.

One of the fun things about visiting Bob is that there is usually some ripe fruit in his orchard or at his brothers farm.
We spent some time wandering around the orchard eating plums. There are several varieties of plums in his yard; some are very sweet, some are very tart but they are all fresh and juicy.

Got The Wheel.

After eating my fill of plums we put the spare wheel on the spare mount on the front of the van.

Time to go.

We BS’ed for a while more and around 3:30 I left for home.
Good visit! 


Wednesday morning Patti followed me as I drove the van to America’s Tire. We dropped off the van and then went to do some shopping.

A visit with Sonny.

Around 1:00 my brother, Sonny stopped by for a visit. We shot the bull with him for a couple hours. It was a nice visit. I hadn’t seen him since last summer.

Pick up the Van.

The van was ready around 3:30 so we went and picked it up. The tires that were on the van were too old to use for a spare so I ordered one more tire. I will pick it up on Thursday. I drove the van back home.

Supper and Cards with Joanne and Dave.

After dropping the van off at our house we drove up to Joanne and Dave’s. After visiting for a while we went out to a Mexican restaurant for supper.

Back at the house we played cads until around 9:00 then Patti and I went home.

It was a good productive couple of days. Although the temperatures are still into the low 100’s.

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