Friday, May 31, 2013


We didn’t go for a ride yesterday.

Patti did some laundry and I tinkered with the jeep a little.

We went to Milt’s for a late lunch. It was great!

The RV park we are in is right next to the horse arena, and they are having a rodeo on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so last evening we went to the rodeo.

Contrary to the popular saying “This was our first Rodeo”

It was fun to watch but next time I want to have a stadium chair. Three hours on an aluminum bench is hell on the butt

We took a lot of pictures but unfortunately due to low light conditions and fast moving subjects most of pictures didn’t come out.

Here are a few of the ones that are good enough to post.

Before the rodeo started several people were warming up their horses. The mule on the right must have been in love with the Palomino because it would only follow it. If the horse stopped the mule would stop if the horse changed direction so would the mule. 


This is rodeo’s version of an ice arena’s zamboni.


The pre-rodeo entertainment had two horse drill teams.


One was all woman side saddle riders.


There was a visit from Smoky the bear.


Then the flag was presented with singing of  the Star Spangled Banner.


Eventually the rodeo started with bare back bronc riders.



There was a rodeo clown.


They had kids riding sheep or “Mutton busting”.


Using a fold up table as a ramp, the clown jumped a miniature motor cycle over a couple of guys. I expected the worst but he made it without crushing the cowboys.


They had a stick horse race for the kids


and a greased pig chase.


They had barrel racing but non of our pictures were usable

Eventually they got to the Bull riding.



It was fun to watch and we will probably go to more rodeos.

Today we are going for a ride east of Moab.

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