Saturday, May 4, 2013


Okay, we are finally in Williams AZ.

We had planned to be here on Thursday but we had some really high winds on Wednesday and Thursday so we decided to spend another day in Golden Valley to wait for the wind to subside.
We left on Friday morning around 10:00 and got to Williams around 1:00. A nice short drive.

Patti took some pictures along the way.

I-40 near Seligman AZ. It is high prairie with grasslands and Juniper forests.


We are getting closer to the mountains and the trees are getting bigger. We are starting to see pine trees.


Interesting geology along the highway.


We are getting closer to Williams and the trees are getting even bigger.


Snow in the mountains north of Williams.


The area around Williams kind of reminds me of Truckee

We are staying at the Railside RV park. It is right next to the tracks for the Grand Canyon Railroad. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. The train only runs twice a day once going out at about 9:00 in the morning and is back around 7:00 in the evening. This morning I heard the steam engine go by. I guess they are going to use it today to pull the train.

The weather here is a bit different than what we experienced lower down. The day time temp is in the mid 70’s (excellent) but the nights are kind of cold. Last night got down into the 30’s. We had two wool blankets on the bed and were still cold. At around 5:00 this morning we put the third blanket on the bed. I got up around 6:00 and started the heater. We brought the small electric heater in today so it will get turned on as soon as it gets cold enough and I will leave it on low all night.

We are going to take a ride today to see the country. There are an lot of fire roads in the area I just hope they are open.
We’ll see.      

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