Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yesterday was a bit stormy so we decided to take a ride to Flagstaff. It is only about 30 miles east of Williams. We wanted to find the Walmart for when we order our meds and check out the RV parks in the area as we were planning to move there for a week when we left Williams.
We found out that none of the parks there have Cable TV and Patti especially wanted cable because she wanted to be able to watch the finale of Survivor.
I suggested that we just stay where we were at for another week and head for Moab from here so that is what we decided to do.

When we left the RV in the morning we decided that we didn’t need to take a camera since we were just going to the city.
Of course we saw a nice heard of Elk on the way to Flag. and another one on the way back.
Wouldn’t you know it!

It was raining and hailing when we left Flagstaff and continued after we got home.

It’s still stormy today so we are going to take the day off and see what the weather looks like tomorrow.  

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