Sunday, May 5, 2013


We had a real nice ride yesterday.

We headed south out of Williams on Perkinsville Road
which is a paved two lane road.


We followed it until we saw a sign for Dogtown Lake


and decided to check it out. We turned east on a well maintained gravel road and drove for about 5 miles to Dogtown lake and campground.


The lake covers about 10 acres and the campground is about the same size. After checking out the lake we headed back to Perkinsville road.

We continued south and eventually came to another sign that read White Horse Lake.


We decided to try that road so we headed east toward White Horse Lake on another well maintained dirt road. Along the way we noticed a few smaller dirt roads connecting with the main one.
After about 15 miles we came to White Horse Lake. It was a little larger than Dogtown lake and the campground was also larger.


Near the entrance to White Horse Lake we saw a smaller road with a sign that read J.D. dam and Sycamore Point.
We turned onto that road and followed it for a while driving through beautiful pine forests. After a while we noticed another jeep ahead of us we didn’t want to follow to close so I slowed down. After a while we came to a “T” in the road.
The other jeep turned left toward Sycamore Point so we turned right toward J.D. Dam.


The dam was only about a mile down the road. We stopped to take a look at it.


After a short time we headed back to the “T” and followed the road to Sycamore Point. The forest changed from a pine forest to open land with scattered Junipers.


Just a little way down the road we caught up with the jeep again. I dropped back a bit so we weren’t eating their dust and continued toward the point.
We got to the end of the road and were rewarded by a great view of Sycamore Canyon.



The people in the other jeep were a young couple who lived in Flagstaff and told us about a road that followed the canyon on the east side. We will check it out when we are in Flagstaff.

We decided to have lunch at the over look.


We could see the snow topped mountains to the east.


After lunch we got back on the road and followed it past J.D. Dam heading west.
Most of the roads that are open in this area are well maintained (smooth).


There are several roads connecting with this “main” road. As we traveled along we were following our progress on our Arizona road Atlas. The roads are well marked and surprisingly most of the road numbers on the roads are also on the map.

We saw a road that connected with the main road and went south toward the lower part of Sycamore Canyon.
We turned onto this road and after a short distance it became a bit rough with lots of rocky spots. Finally we were on a road of the type with which were are more familiar.


By the time we got to the end of the road it was more rocks than road.


I finally stopped the jeep and walked about 50 yards to the edge of the canyon. Once again the view was spectacular.



After taking a few pictures we got back in the jeep and headed back to the main dirt road.

We followed this road back to Perkinsville road and headed back to Williams.

On the way through town Patti got this picture of the main street.


She wants to get more so we will spend a little time in town before we leave here.

It was a real nice ride.

There is a storm coming through today so I am not sure what we will be doing. I guess you will have to wait until the next post to find out.

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