Thursday, May 9, 2013


If you have a DeLorme Arizona Atlas and Gazetteer,
you can follow our travels in this area.

Yesterday we started out to go north from Williams.
We headed north on Airport Road. The road was paved for a couple of miles until we came to the airport. From there we turned right on a graded dirt road and followed it to the tracks for the Grand Canyon Railroad where we turned left.
We continued north on this dirt road for a couple more miles until it came to state route 64. We continued north on 64 until we came to the first dirt road and turned right off the highway.
We followed this road for a while. As it turned out this road was the entrance to a bunch of housing projects.
We drove around the area trying to find a way out with out success. Eventually we got back to the highway where we decided to continue north. We turned right and drove on up on 64 toward the Grand Canyon.
As we traveled north we left the pine country and entered a large high prairie with grassland dotted with Juniper. The country was rolling for miles in all directions.
We continued north until we came to where highway 180 entered on the right across the road from an airport.

Patti took a picture of this old Lockheed Supper Constellation at the airport.


We decided that we didn’t care for the area and did a 180 and headed south again. The total round trip from Williams and back was about 40 miles.

When we got back to Williams we drove south on  Perkinsville Road until we came to the road to DogTown lake (fr 140).
We drove out 140 past the turn off to DogTown Lake and continued to fr 720 where we turned south and followed this road south. 
The roads were in pretty good shape considering the amount of rain we had the last couple of days. There were a couple of muddy spots but not impassable.


The road looped south and then northeast where it intersected with fr 141.
Patti got a picture of the mountains to the east with fresh snow from the previous nights storm.

It would appear that it is still getting some snow judging from the clouds

We turned south on 141 for a couple of miles where we got onto fr 56 and continued down 56 to its end. We thought it would take us to the rim of Sycamore Canyon but it ended at a trail head.
We turned around and headed for road fr 13.
We drove around for a while looking for 131 but decided that it must be a walking trail.
We headed west on fr 13 to 139. 
We followed 139 until we got to fr 749 where we turned north and followed 749 loops north and comes back to 139. This road was a little rougher than the rest of the roads in the area.



Eventually we came back to Perkinsville Road and headed back to Williams.

While we were in the woods we saw;
two Antelope, three Kaibab Squirrels
and a Turkey flying through the trees.
Unfortunately they were too fast for Patti to get a picture of them.

Note, the Kaibab Squirrel is a type of Grey Squirrel found only in the Kaibab forest in Arizona.

Photo copied from Google.
Some times they are black. One distinguishing feature is the very long ears.

Today we are going to drive to Flagstaff and take Woody Mountain Road. We were told that is it very scenic.

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