Thursday, May 16, 2013


Okay, this will be a short one.
We didn’t do much yesterday. I read and napped a little.
Patti played games on her computer and worked in her puzzle book.
The wind just howled all day.

This morning we went to Flagstaff to get new tires on the jeep and do some shopping at Walmart.
I had a 9:30 appointment at Discount Tire. They have two Discount Tire’s in Flagstaff and of course I went to the wrong one.
It was the right time but the wrong place.
The guy at the store that I went to called the other store and let them know that I was on the way over there so even though I was late they took the Jeep right in and had the new tires on in about 45 minutes.
Good guys!

From there we went to Walmart and got our meds and did some other shopping.
On the way to Walmart at a signal a guy yelled at me that I had no stop lights. 
When we were at Walmart I found that I had tail lights so on the way through the town I turned the lights on every time I had to stop. 
When we got home I tried the hazard lights and they worked so I figured that the problem was probably with the stop light switch.
I checked the schematic on the internet and reinforced my conclusion. Then I had to find a web sight that told me where the switch was located.
I found the switch and moved it and pushed on the wires. Patti and I checked the brake lights and they now work.

Patti did some laundry and when she got back with the jeep I checked the fluid level in the transfer case and inspected the tailpipe repair. The transfer case was ok but my repair isn’t working to good. I have thought of an other plan but it will have to wait until we have something out of a can for dinner so I can use the can to facilitate the repair.  
We hooked the jeep to the back of Plan “B”.
We are planning on leaving tomorrow on our way to Moab, Utah. We have a week to get there so we will be stopping along the way.

We will let you know what we find.  

I have to say that we have really enjoyed our stay in Williams AZ. The forest in this area is beautiful and we have had some really good rides. We will no doubt return here in the future to see some more of this country.

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