Monday, May 20, 2013

05-20-13 continued

We left Blanding this morning at 10:20 and arrived at the Moab Rim RV Park at 11:40.
It is always a pretty drive from Blanding to Moab.
We have done it three times now and this is the second time its been raining.


If you have done this drive before you will no doubt recognize most of the rocks formations along the way. But, for those of you who haven’t made the trip, here are a few shots of the scenery along the highway.

This first one is one of my favorites. The rock looks like a big cupcake sitting on a plate. The most intriguing thing to me about the rock is the square hole at the bottom. I often wonder what is inside. Is it hollowed out or is it a tunnel going through to the other side?


The red cliffs along the road are stunning.


You go past Wilson Arch,


then down through a beautiful canyon.


Then just south of Moab you are treated to a view of the La Sal Mountains.


We got to the RV Park and got checked in with no problems until we started hooking up. When we connected the water hose to the inlet and turned it on, water sprayed in all directions. I have been expecting the water inlet to fail eventually so when we were at Camping World near Flagstaff I purchased one even though I really didn’t know exactly which one I needed. As I was removing the old one it broke off in my hand. When I finally got it apart I found that the one I had was too short and had different threads than what I needed.
I asked the lady at the RV park where I could get some RV parts. She grimaced and said that I might get what I needed at the pluming supply store down the road toward town. I grabbed the new inlet that didn’t fit, jumped in the jeep and headed for the plumbing supply store.
I looked through the little bit of fittings they had and didn’t find anything that would work.
I asked the guy in the store if they had any stuff for RV’s and of course they didn’t.
He said that maybe the feed store might have something if they weren’t sold out. He also recommended that I try an RV park down the road as they had a store and might have some RV supplies.
I tried them but no joy.
The lady said to try the feed store as they might have something that would work.
It took me a while to find the feed store but when I did the lady in there was very helpful and we found another water inlet that looked like it would work.
I brought the part back to Plan “B” and with a lot of help from Patti we got it installed and working.

I told Patti that for being such a good helper I would take her to the Mexican restaurant behind the rock shop for dinner. We were planning to go there anyway but it sounded good. 
Patti had crab enchiladas and said they were excellent.
I had a chicken enchilada and a tamale, they were also excellent.

When we got home I noticed the view from our RV spot and took a couple of pictures.

The La Sal mountains.



The red rocks east of Moab.



Tomorrow we are going to take the ride to Lathrop Canyon. It should take us most of the day.


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