Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Missy and Junior just returned from thirteen days in Vegas so were very anxious to take a ride in the desert. Junior had finally gotten his new tires and rims and wanted to test them out.


We left the park around 12:30 and made a short loop in the south Plomosa Mountains. Along the way we followed a trail that ended in a cul-de-sac at the head of a beautiful canyon,


We went by the Climax mine and stopped to check it out. There weren’t any tunnels that we could explore but there were a couple of deep vertical shafts. It looked like they were getting a lot of Crysocolla out of the ground and therefore maybe some copper as well.



At the top of this slide was one of the verticals. Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me when I climbed up to it so I didn’t get a picture. 


As always we had a good ride and got back to the park around 5:00. When we got back, we were surprised to see that Kathi and Bob had arrived from Oregon. They are not next to us as planned since they came in a day early.They are across the road and down about 4 spaces. After Kathi and Bob got settled in,  we took them out to the Grubstake for supper.

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