Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday we took a ride to the Bill Williams River which is about 50 miles north of Quartzsite. With us was Kathi, Bob, Becky, Dennis, Missy and Junior. We drove to the small town of Bouse and got onto Swansea Rd. Most of the road is wide and well graded.


I had loaded a track on my GPS from a former trip into the area but I didn’t realize that there was another route already on the GPS. As a result we followed the wrong route and didn’t get to the place on the river that I was looking for. We drove around in confusion for a while and then decided to forget about trying to get to that place and just enjoy the drive.

We had lunch in a wash


that was a lot of fun to drive in as there were several moderate challenges to negotiate.





Eventually we came back to a road and followed it north.


I recognized the road as one that Patti and I had followed last year. I realized that it would eventually take us to the river. Along the way we explored a couple of narrow side canyons that were just wide enough to drive in.



We drove as far as we could up one particular canyon and then walked to this spot with a large overhang.


There were some other narrower cracks along the road that were not drivable so we climbed into them on foot.



We eventually got to the river and walked around there for a while.




There is one rock outcrop near the river that resembles a dogs head.


On the way back we saw two healthy Coyote’s. As usual they were hard to photograph but Patti managed to get a couple of shots.

coyote 01 

coyote 02

Even though we weren't able to get to the exact place we were looking for we still had a fun day in the desert. 

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