Monday, March 14, 2011


We haven’t done much the last couple of days.

The weather has been beautiful with temperatures in the high 80’s. It’s finally warm enough to take the top and doors off the jeep.

On Friday we went out for a weenie roast at the regular place. The group consisted of; Missy, Junior, Dennis, Becky, Suzanne, Roy, Eileen , Allan, Kathi, Bob, Patti and I.



We took Kathi and Bob around the easy way to the spot which was mostly by via a paved road. The weather was hot so we erected some tarps for shade.



Dennis tried to cover Suzanne with silly string but the can was defective and instead of silly string it shot out a sticky spray. An embarrassed Dennis helped clean her up.


I’m sure she will retaliate when he least expects it.

The wild flowers are just starting to bloom so Patti is back in macro mode.


Today we are going to the Kofa Preserve for an overnighter. I don’t think Kathi is not too happy with this but she is at least willing to try. I will let you know how it turns out when we get back

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