Saturday, March 26, 2011


The other day a lot became available along the East wash where an old lady with a trailer had moved out.


Patti mentioned that she thought it would be nice if we could get the spot. I agreed with her so we went to the office to see if it was taken. Judy the manager told us that there was someone that had been interested in it but they decided to pass on the spot so if we wanted it we could have it. We said that we wanted it so she put us down as the owners. The spot is very nice with a rocked patio in the back


and a view of Tyson wash and of course I-10. The old spot was nice in that it had two citrus trees on it but it was not conducive to sitting outside because there was no view and I felt like we were sitting in a fish bowl. The new lot also has a storage shed on it but we had to buy it. It cost us $400 which is a good deal as the shed’s cost $1000+ new. We intend to put a washing machine in the shed but there will still be plenty of room for storage. We moved onto the lot today.


Patti has been happily pulling weeds around the cactus.


There is a small pond on the lower level of the backyard that I plan to turn into a water feature next year. We filled it with water and already have had a dove and mountain quail come to it to drink.



We are right next to Jo Ann and Dave so we have good neighbors and I think we will be happy with our new spot.

Yesterday we took a ride with Jo Ann, Dave, Becky, Dennis, Suzanne, Roy, Kathi and Bob. We went to Scull Rock for lunch.


As always it was a great ride and the scenery is spectacular

with stunning rock formations,




Jo Ann and Dave bought a Jeep on Thursday. It is a 2005 Wrangler and appears to be in real good shape.


This was their first trip in it and they were very happy with how it performed.

Tonight we had a ice cream social to celebrate our first day in our new space and to give Kathi and Bobby a good send off. 

Tomorrow morning, Kathi and Bob are leaving for home so we are going up to Laughlin, Nevada with them. We will come back to “Q” on Tuesday.

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