Monday, March 7, 2011


On Saturday, Kathi, Bob, Patti and I drove to Goodyear (about 100 miles east of us) to see Dianne in the rehab facility there. She is getting very good care and is looking much better than the last time we saw her.


Her attitude and sense of humor is much improved. She still has a ways to go before she can go home but is making very good progress.

Sunday, we went for a desert run with Joanne, Dave, Kathi and Bob. The trip I planned took us to one of my favorite areas in The Kofa reserve. We took highway 95 south to the Crystal Hill turnoff where we stopped at a large parking area, to let J and D unload their quads.


We headed along the road to the turnoff that goes by Scotts Well and headed south toward  Del Osa Well which takes us through some beautiful canyons and across the very lush Kofa desert.



Along the way we passed this propped up Saguaro Cactus. Every time I see this cactus I wonder why with all the thousands of saguaro’s in the desert here, why would anyone go through the trouble of propping up this particular one?


It doesn'’t look like anything special to me.

The scenery along the way is spectacular.




Joanne’s quad vapor locked so she had to be towed to the lunch spot. After lunch the quad started and gave no further trouble.


We had lunch in a beautiful canyon.


On the way out of the canyon we passed an arch that we had not seen before.


When we got near the main dirt road we came upon a guy living in a Yurt.


It must have taken a while to erect the yurt so I guess he will be there for longer than just a couple of days.

Another good time in paradise!

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