Friday, March 4, 2011


On Wednesday we took Kathi and Bob for a ride out to the Plomosa Mountains. Kathi doesn’t really like off highway travel so for her first trip in this area we took one of the mellowest rides that I could think of. We drove along the west side of the mountains, through the sand dunes,



stopped for lunch near a game watering site


and crossed over the mountains on the south side of the Four Peaks. We stopped to show them the “big hole” on the east side. When we were pulling up to the “big hole” I noticed another vertical shaft that I hadn’t seen before. It is about twenty yards west of the “big hole” and is at least as deep. 

From there we traveled north over some hills to a major dirt road that goes back to back Plomosa Highway.

We arrived back at the RV park around 5:00 and at around 6:00 we went to Best Mexican for supper. When we came out of the restaurant we noticed a couple of painted up RV’s across the street.


They turned out to be the support rigs for the “Run Across America” If you want more information on the run check out the link below.

On Thursday Patti and Kathi went to the casino in Parker. Bob and I took a ride with Junior and David to Dripping Spring. We stopped at the spring for lunch. Bob and I took a walk to the spring


and then followed the trail to see some of the petroglyphs.


From there we went by the Mailbox Cabin and then headed for home. We got home around 5:00. Kathi and Patti arrived around 6:00. We went to supper at “La Casa Del Rancho”.

Tomorrow we are going to the Phoenix area to visit with Patti’s sister Dianne at the physical rehab center in Avondale.

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