Monday, March 21, 2011


The storm that crashed into Southern California and caused a lot of damage In LA and Santa Barbra, reached us this morning about 4:00. It started with some wind and light rain. Now the rain has increased and is forecast to last until this evening. It is 9:15 am and the sky has already cleared up.

We were going to go for a ride today but we postponed it until tomorrow. The rain is a good thing down here as it will settle the dust and bring out the cactus blossoms.

We finally had the  Nopalito’s (or Nopalies) feed on Friday.  We fed 22 people. Almost every one brought something to share so we had plenty of food and desserts.



I made up two double batches of Nopolito’s and Becky made a double batch. Every one loved the Nopolito’s even those who were a little apprehensive about eating Cactus. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about. Here is an explanation and receipt for Nopalitos.

I am not sure if the name of the finished product is Nopalies or Nopalito’s The jar says Nopalitos but the first time I was introduced to them by Wayne (Patti’s brother-in-law) he called them Nopalies.
We have found two varieties of Nopalitos. The mild one is just beaver tail cactus slices preserved in water, salt and vinegar. The spicy one has cactus, cilantro, onions and one or two Cerano chili’s, salt, water, and vinegar. With this variety, after pouring the Nopalitos into the colander I take the chili out.  If you like it real spicy just leave in the chili.

For a single batch that will feed two or three adults use:

2 pork steaks
2 cloves of garlic chopped.
½ onion
2 TBS salsa
½ can Mexican style stewed tomatoes. I use a full can because I don’t know what to do with what is left.
Pour a jar of Nopalitos into colander and rinse well.
Cut the bone out of the pork steak and save large bones.
Cut steak into small pieces.
In a large deep pan or Dutch oven, add oil, steak and large bones, fry until brown.
Add onions and cook until clear.
Add garlic and cook for a few minutes.
Add Nopalitos, Salsa (I use a mild salsa), and tomatoes.
Salt to taste (I found that there is enough salt in the Nopalitos and tomatoes).
Stir it all together and simmer for 20 minutes.
Serve with Mexican style rice and Tortillas.

Saturday, Bob and I went to to the Bouse shooting range to check out the muzzleloader club. There were only two guys there and they weren’t shooting, they were having a work day. I talked to one of the guys to find out about their rendezvous. It sounded like their rendezvous isn’t a strict Primitive affaire it is more like a paper target shoot. I will probably bring one of my guns down next year and attend the shoot.

On the way back home I took Bob through the north end of the south Plomosa Mountains. We took the trail that goes by the Climax Mine and then drove back to “Q” via Sunkiss Road. Along the way we saw the first of this year’s cactus blossoms, a beaver tail in full bloom. Unfortunately neither one of us had a camera.

Yesterday (Sunday) Kathi, Bob, Patti and I went to Yuma. We went to the Arizona Market Place, a large open air market with a lot of venders. We only spent $6.00. $2.00 to get in, I bought a belt for $3.00 and Patti bought two chopping pads for a buck.

From there we went to lunch then went to Harbor Freight Tools so I could buy a cargo net for the jeep and a tow strap.

After that we went to Welton to visit Dianne and Wayne. It was their 36th Anniversary so we took them a card, some flowers and a cake. We left there at 4:00 and were home by 5:45. 

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