Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Early in the morning before we left to for Laughlin, Nevada with Kathi and Bob, I was sitting on our patio and got some pictures of a Dove


and a Mountain Quail drinking at our pond.


Patti and I got a room on the 12th floor of the Aquarius Hotel and Casino. The view was better than the last time we stayed in Laughlin. We could see the river,


the tennis courts and the swimming pool.


Kathi and Bob stayed at the Riverside RV Park.

Patti and Kathi had a good time gambling. I don’t know how Kathi did at the machines but Patti lost a little over $100 in the two days.

Monday morning we went to the tee-shirt town of Oatman, AZ.


We got there early so the town was kind of dead.


We wandered around for a while, looking in the shops.


Patti was disappointed that there were no Burros in town. Around 11:45 we left Oatman. Just south of town we came upon a group of Burros running up the road.


I guess they were late for their job as town mascots.

While we were in Laughlin we had some really good meals. We ate breakfast at the Black Bear Cafe in Bullhead City, had lunch at the Cafe Aquarius at the Aquarius Hotel, had great Mexican food at Casa Surrano at the Riverside. We had a wonderful supper at the Outback Steak House in the Aquarius and a good breakfast at the River View Restaurant at the Riverside Casino.

We got home around 4:00 on Tuesday. Shortly after we arrived Patti was sitting on our patio and got some pictures of our local Road Runner.



Just now, Patti came in with the Camera and showed me a picture of the Road Runner with a small lizard in its beak.


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