Friday, March 18, 2011


Yesterday Patti and Kathi took the casino bus to the Fort Mc Dowell Casino near Phoenix.

Bob, Suzanne, Roy, Missy, Junior and I took a ride to the north end of the north  Plomosa Mountains. We left the park at 12:00 and drove almost to the town of Bouse where we turned on to a trail heading west. We drove around in the hills until 3:30. It was an area that we hadn’t been to before.


The terrain was very volcanic in appearance and there were several abandoned mines to check out and deep shafts to look into.






We found a deep deep shaft that I think was the deepest one yet.


We dropped some very large rocks in to the hole and they took a long time to hit the bottom. When they finally did hit bottom, we could hardly hear the impact. On the way back to the highway we stopped so I could show Bob a large natural cave that I had explored last year.




We got home around 4:30

Patti got home at 7:00. She  didn’t win at the casino so I took her out to dinner. We went to the Grubstake. They were serving only Corned Beef or Irish stew as it was St Patrick’s Day. Bob and Kathy had the corned beef. Patti and I had the stew.

Patti and I are going to Blythe this morning to get our Taxes done.

This afternoon I am cooking two double batches of Nopalito’s for 22 people. Becky is cooking another double batch to help out. 

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