Sunday, February 27, 2011


The other day when we went for a ride with Joanne and Dave, I thought that the canyon we were going to was the “Black Beauty Mine”. As it turned out I was wrong. The black Beauty Mine is about a mile or so south of the box canyon.

Today Patti and I went in search of the Black Beauty Mine. I took the wrong road right at the start and ended up in a cul-de-sac. “Duh”. I new that the mine was further north from where we were but none of the roads in the area went far enough north. The second road we followed took us to a game watering station.


There was a trail going west past the station but we decided to go back to the beginning and try taking a trail going north west. Finally we got onto the track that I had loaded into the GPS. Eventually we got to the “Black Beauty Mine”. It was a little disappointing. The only thing to mark the spot was a slab of concrete.


There were no shafts or tunnels. The mine was a surface mine where they moved a lot of rock around but it wasn’t all that exciting.



At the end of the road was another cul-de-sac of course but high on a hill with a good view of the valley we had driven through.


As always there were lots of great views.


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