Saturday, February 12, 2011


Patti talked with Wayne and he told her that Dianne is doing very good. The hospital therapist has been working with her and she is making good progress.

I got the jeep back from the shop Wednesday around 6:00. It sounds much better.

Mike had told me that there was a shooting range in the little town of Bouse so on Thursday, Patti and I went to check it out. We found the range easily due to a sign on the highway advertising the Bouse Hills Muzzleloaders Rendezvous.


As it turned out they had had a rendezvous there the weekend before. Apparently they have a black powder shoot there on the first and third Saturday of each month. The range is a pretty standard setup for paper target shooting. There is a couple of long distance rifle ranges,


a pistol range and even an archery range. At one side they have a hawk and knife range


and a setup for a fort shoot.


Below are the targets that are shot at from the fort. I don’t know what the bowling pins are for.


I will have to check things out next Saturday the 19th, which is their next scheduled event

On Friday morning at 8:00 we took off on the longest one day ride that we have so-far taken. I knew it would be a long day but had no idea just how long it would be. The ATV riders left the park around 7:30 and drove down to the Stone Cabin so that they could be unloaded before us jeepers got there. That way they could wait on us for a change.

DSC00257 Picture by Becky.

When we arrived at the unloading spot they were all lined up sitting in there rigs.

DSC00259Picture by Becky

Junior and I had to lower the tire pressure on our jeeps, which took about 5 or 10 minutes.


Of course we had to put up with some ribbing. I guess turn about is fair play after all.

We were on the road to the King of Arizona or “K of A” mine by about 8:30. Along the way we stopped to check out some kind of chalky looking deposit


and decided that it must have been the residue of some mining operation.

We took a side trip up a road to our left where we got a good view of the valley and mountains behind us.



Can you tell which one of these two guys is riding an ATV?


As we were there we could see a long line of vehicles on the main dirt road going toward the “K of A” mine.

After a while we retraced our trail to the main road that goes by the King of Arizona mine. We stopped to get some pictures.


From there we continued east until we came to the trail to “Kofa Butte”. We turned up that trail and stopped in a wash for a short time to get some pictures of the butte.


We turned around there and went back to the main trail where we turned east again. After a little while we came upon the, afore mentioned group of vehicles, all stopped in the middle of the road while they sat in a large group having lunch.

DSC00268Picture by Becky.

At first I thought they must be Canadians since they were parked in the road but it turned out that only a few of them were from the northern paradise. They were some kind of desert driving club. You would think that any one who had done very much back country driving would have enough sense to get off the road when taking a break to let other people get by. As it turned out they were finishing there lunch and by and by they moved along down the road. We followed in there wake for a while and eventually found a wash where we could get off the road to have our lunch.

DSC00271 Picture by Becky

After lunch we continued our ride toward Hoodoo Well and Red Rock Pass. Along the way, not too far passed our lunch spot we saw a young Coyote. It was kind of hard to get a picture of as it wouldn’t stop moving. Smart coyote!

The Coyote is hiding behind the bush.

coyote cropped

We finally arrived at the Hoodoo Hilton around 4:00.

DSC00275 Picture by Becky

We took a brake there to let Joanne, Dave, Missy and Junior get a good look around, since they had never been there before. We saw a stick bug on the wall near the door of the cabin.


Suzanne was getting out of hand so we had to put her in a cage to calm her down.

DSC00283 picture by Becky.

From the Hilton we headed over Red Rock Pass.


On the flats north of Red Rock Pass we came upon a small group of Mule Deer.


It was almost sundown before we got to the Pipeline Road (our route back to Quartzsite). From here we had 26 miles to travel just to get back to Hwy. 95 and it was all into the setting sun. There were many times when it was almost impossible to see the road due to the glare. When the sun finally dipped below the western hills the sunset was very nice.



The dust was horrendous. I kind of felt a little sorry for the people on the ATV’s. They were covered with dust. It was bad enough in our jeep and we were in front. Eventually we made it to 95. By then it was full dark. We discussed whether to wait there while Dave and Dennis went down to Stone Cabin to retrieve their trucks and trailers. In the end we decided to cross the highway and follow a track that connected with the Old Yuma Road we then follow Yuma road back to the RV park.  From there Dennis and dave got in Roy’s car and went to Stone Cabin to get there trucks.

The trip covered 145 Miles and took us 12 hours to complete. A very long tough day. I would like to make that trip again some day but would rather take two days to do it. That way we could take more side trips and not work so hard. Maybe next year.  

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