Sunday, February 6, 2011


While Patti was home in Santa Rosa attending her daughter Dina’s graduation


she got a call from her Brother-in-law Wayne telling her that her sister Dianne had a major stroke and was helicoptered to the hospital in Phoenix. When I picked Patti up at the Phoenix Airport on Thursday we went directly to the hospital to see Dianne. She was in better shape than we had expected. We credit that to the fact that she was taken to the hospital immediately and was given drugs to limit the effects of the stroke. The plan was to sent her to a rehab facility after a couple of days but unfortunately she had a couple of small heart attacks while in the hospital so they are keeping her there a bit longer so they can find out what is causing the heart attacks and decide on a treatment.

We left Phoenix after dark and didn’t get home until around 10:30

On Friday we took a ride to Parker to do some shopping at WalMart.

Saturday, around 11:00 we went out to the official weenie roast spot west of town for a weenie roast. The group consisted of Suzanne Roy, Becky, Dennis, Joanne, Dave, Patti and I. Junior and David were busy putting a lift kit under Junior’s Jeep.


After the Weenie roast we took what I like to call the “merry-go-round” home. You know, round and round and up and down through the hills.




After we got home Becky, Dennis and I went to the classic car show at the big tent. There were a number of very nice cars on display.




Here is one that you don’t see very often. It is a Keizer, made by the Henry Jay Keizer company and is the same company that eventually became Keiser Permanente.


Here is a Jeepster that I don’t think will ever be used off road.


After supper we went over to Becky and Dennis’s to play LCR, which is a type of dice game and Pass the pigs which is like a dice game but you role little rubber pigs instead of dice. You probably don’t recognize these games but they are very simple and a lot of fun. 

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