Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The weather for the last couple of days has been less that perfect. It rained on Saturday and Sunday was very cold.

Monday was much better so we went for a little desert ride with Joanne and Dave. The rest of the group was either in Las Vegas or busy with other things. Becky and Dennis’s Rhino is in the shop.

We left “Q” around 10:00 and drove east on I-10 and took the Highway 60 turnoff toward the small town of Brenda. Just before entering the town we turned north on Perry Road where we stopped at a pull out to unload their quad’s.


Our destination was a surface mine in a beautiful canyon on the east side of the Plomosa Mountains.


On the way we passed the “Dancing Saguaro’s”,



the “Arrowshot Saguaro” and stopped on top of “overlook rock” (my names for these places).


From the overlook, we followed the Stage Coach Road north until we came to the trail that goes to the canyon. The trail is pretty good except the last half mile is a little rocky. On the way we saw a trio of Bighorn Sheep.


They didn’t act like they were afraid of us and posed for pictures.




On the way back we stopped for lunch in a wide wash out of the wind for lunch.


The ride was easy and we were home around 4:00.

Patti is suffering from what she thinks might be a sinus infection. Although the last time she thought she was having a sinus infection I caught it a few days later.  We are going to take her to a local doctor today to get her checked out. Hopefully it is just an infection and she can get some antibiotics to fight it.

Well, I started this Blog at around 8:00 this morning but got interrupted at about 9:00 to take Patti to the doctor. It is now 3:30. We went to the local MD but they are a Medicare only physician and  told us to go to the Urgent Care facility in Parker. So after checking one other clinic in Quartzsite that turned out to be “by appointment only” we headed for Parker. The Hospital there was very good and we only spent about two hours there. After some checking and an x-ray it was decided that Patti did indeed have an infection and some bronchitis. They gave her a shot, a prescription and off we went to WalMart to get the prescription filled. We had to wait for the prescription to be filled so we went to lunch. When we returned to WalMart we not only got that one filled but got the rest of our meds as well. Now we won’t have to go back there tomorrow.

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