Thursday, February 17, 2011


Things have been kind of slow the last few days.

Last week the right rear tire on the jeep had a slow leak because of a screw stuck in it so I got out my tire plugging kit and plugged the hole. I don’t like driving around in the desert with a plugged tire although we did go to the mines on it the other day.

I called around to see if I could find a new tire. The best deal I could get was at a tire store in Blythe CA. No one had the tire in stock so I had them order one. They said it would be delivered by Wednesday. Around noon on Wednesday, I called them to see if the tire had been delivered and they said that the tire was on back order and wouldn’t be in until next Wednesday. I am still driving on the plugged tire and haven’t had any problems yet.

Dennis’s Rhino has had a bad clunking on the right side when he drives over bumps so on Wednesday he took it to Parker to have it checked out. He came home without the rhino and won’t get it back until next week some time so they are grounded for a while.

Wednesday evening we got together with Becky, Dennis, Roy and Suzanne for a game of 5 Crowns. We had a lot of laughs.

Today (Thursday) I am all alone. Patti went on the casino bus with Becky to the Fort MC Dowel casino. Dennis and I were going to go do some shooting but he had to go to Mexico to get his new teeth fixed because they are giving him a lot of pain. I might just go do some shooting anyway as I need the practice. I am still having a hard time holding any kind of a descent group with my .45 Vaquero. I am beginning to think the problem might be with the my hand loads. I haven’t been able to find any .45 colt ammunition in the stores lately but then all ammunition is scarce right now. 

We may go for a desert ride tomorrow but I’m not sure where or with whom yet.

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