Sunday, March 31, 2013


We played cards at Becky and Dennis’ on Friday evening.
Shirley had the loser’s hat from the last time we played.


Bill and Patti got to wear the hat this time.



Yesterday, we took a ride to the desert. This is the first ride where Suzanne and Roy went with us.
We left the park around 10:00 and drove out Dome Rock Road where we turned south on the road to Rainbow Acres. We followed that road to where the pavement ends, then we headed west toward the mountains.
We stopped to check out an area that may have been an old Gypsum Mine.

In the rear you can see Suzanne and Roy’s Rhino.

The bag that you see in the back of Clifford is a bag of peanuts, the life’s blood of jeepers.

The desert is beginning to bloom.
Below are pictures of a Hedgehog Cactus blooming


and a couple of pictures of Pincushion Cactus in bloom.



To the left of this Saguaro in the picture below is a beavertail cactus in bloom.


One of the things we wanted to see is the Deer Run B&B.


The B&B is just a slab of concrete in a canyon that people have decorated and left chairs and signs and other stuff for entertainment.

Here are some pictures of the stuff.



We continued on the trail through the mountains over a rough trail.


We drove to the top of a hill to check out a mine we could see in the distance.


This shaft had a fence in front of it but there was a trail around it.


The shaft doesn’t look like one I would want to explore.


We continued on across the flats and eventually came to the Tyson Wash where we turned north and followed the wash toward home. We stopped to see the Petroglyph's. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures. From the glyphs we continued up the wash to where we entered the back gate of our RV park.

It was an easy ride but still a lot of fun.

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