Thursday, March 21, 2013


On Monday evening Bob and I poured over maps and in the end I loaded a route to Marble Mountain into my GPS. So far I have had mixed results with GPS routes.

Tuesday morning, Bob showed up at the RV around 8:30. We left about 9:00 for our trip to Marble Mountain.
We drove south on 85.

About a mile from Ajo just past the mountainous tailing piles, we turned left onto the pipeline road and headed east across the flats.


As we started down the road we saw this sign.


A little farther down the road we saw a maybe “wild” horse.


A little farther we saw a ranger in his truck. We stopped to get some information from the Ranger. He didn’t know where Marble Mountain was so we shrugged, smiled and continued on our way.

We stopped to check out an old cattle loading corral


and broken wind mill.


From there we continued east into the mountains. At one point we drove up a rocky trail I saw what at first I thought were some king of wild life about a quarter mile up the trail. As it turned out they were about six illegal aliens. When they saw us the ran of into the desert and hid.

Later down the road we saw a game camera propped on a rock.


We continued along the trail over steep rocky mountains and into a valley. Following the route on the GPS all the way.

We passed one of those engines that we see on the pipeline road in the Kofa.


We passed a emergency rescue station.


Eventually we came to the end of the route and stopped near a dry pond with a small hill to our left.


Bob and I walked up the hill looking for marbles


and after a short time we began to find them.
It was interesting to see how these stones were formed in large boulders.


Then some how they broke away from the boulders and were laying on the ground in singles and clumps.


Many were broken but occasionally we found some that were whole.


After we tired of picking up rocks we had lunch under some bare Mesquite trees near the dry pond.


After lunch we headed for home. 

When we got to the highway we turned south to check out the road to Darby Wells.  About a mile down the highway we turned west on Darby Wells road and drove past some more tailings and eventually came to this sign.


Apparently all the roads to the west are closed until July for the Prong Horn Antelope fawning season. All the roads going west clear down to the Mexican Border are closed.

We came into town from the back side and passed this interesting sculpture on a house.


There were some wild flowers blooming in the desert.




And of course the views of the mountains along the way were spectacular.


A view of Coffee Pot Mountain from Marble Mountain


Today, we are going to the Organ Pipe National Monument to take a twenty one mile loop through the desert.

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