Sunday, March 3, 2013


We haven’t been doing much lately.
Friday, was a very nice day with temps in the high 70’s.
Some of the group went on a jeep ride but we were feeling lazy so didn’t go. We just hung out by the pond, read and goofed off the whole day.

Saturday, the weather was perfect temps in the 80’s.
We just goofed off again and visited with friends. 
It was was Dennis’s (of Becky and Dennis) Birthday so a bunch of us went to Silly Al’s in the evening to celebrate. After we got home we went over to Dennis’s and Becky’s and sat around their Propane camp fire (it is against the park rules to have any wood or charcoal fires in the park).
We had fun talking and joking around until around 9:30 when the party broke up and we all went home.

Today we slept in and then went to the Mountain Quail for breakfast. It is another warm day the temp right now at 1:30pm is 78 but under cloudy sky’s.
I did some chores; dumping the tanks, taking the insulation off the water input hose (I hope we won’t need that any more this season), changing the water filter, cleaning the screens on the vents and replacing a screw in the AC return air grill.

Bob left on Thursday to go down south for a while. It looks like he had some adventures down there. You can check out his blog at the link below.

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