Saturday, March 9, 2013


The weather has been beautiful for a couple of weeks. Until now.
Thursday it started to get cloudy and colder.
Friday it became windy and spit rain for most of the day.
Today it is cold and cloudy. It sprinkled earlier this morning and may rain later in the day. It is supposed to get warmer tomorrow.
We complain about the rain but deep down we know that this is a good thing for the desert wild flowers. It is going to be beautiful out there when the cactus start to bloom.

We ran out of propane this morning during my shower. Fortunately there was enough hot water for me to finish. 
I had to switch over to the onboard tank and will go to the Mobil station later to get the auxiliary tank filled.

Tomorrow we are going to a barbeque/pot luck with the Wednesday jeepers.

I think Monday we are going for a ride to find some desert rose.
The place we are going to is a spot we camped at last year in the desert east of the Kofa.
Bob was with us and had his GPS turned on so he had a track to the place with coordinates.
Using those numbers, I laid out a route and entered it into my GPS. 
With that and a lot of luck we may be able to find the spot again.
We’ll see. :o)

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