Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Bob got to our place around 10:30 Tuesday morning. We were ready to and got underway around 10:45. We drove east on I-10 and stopped for fuel at the ZIP station on Vicksburg Rd. We continued east to SR 85 where we turned south. We stopped at the Space Age Cafe in Gila Bend for lunch around 1:30. From there we continued along 85 to Ajo. We arrived at the Shadow Ridge RV park around 3:30.

Patti got some pictures on the way down 85.


The wild flowers were blooming along the highway.



As we got further south we began to see rugged rocky hills


and outcrops.


It was pretty warm when we arrived at the RV park.
We got set up, turned on the AC and sat around in doors pouring  over maps looking for a place to go to today (Wednesday).
We decided to try and find a place called Marble Mountain.
A neighbor in the park came by and showed us some of the marbles that he found on the Mountain and he gave us some information on where it was.

Once it cooled down around 6:00 we took a ride looking for a place for Bob to camp. We found an area southwest of town where some RVers dry camp. We checked out a couple of possibilities for Bob.
After that, we drove through town looking for Restaurants. There aren’t many but there is a Dairy Queen, a Pizza Hut, a place that advertizes Burgers and Beer and Marcela’s Cafe and Bakery. We decided to try Marcela’s and was glad we did. It is a small place but serves really good Mexican and American food.

Today we will search for Marble Mountain.

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