Saturday, March 23, 2013


We left Ajo at 9:30 yesterday morning and drove north on 85 through Gila Bend to I-10 where we turned west and drove until we came to the Zip station at Vicksburg Road. We stopped at the Zip and topped off the tank in the RV. The total trip from the Zip to Ajo and back took 40 gallons of gas It is around 297 miles from the Zip to Ajo and back to the Zip. That means we only got 7.425 miles to the gallon.  Yuck!! It cost us about $150 in fuel just for the RV.

Highway 85 goes through some interesting rocks north of Ajo.



Unfortunately these rocks are in the Berry Goldwater bombing range and are closed off.

We got home around12:30. Bob came over around 4:00 and we hung out by the pond until dinner time. Bob said his goodbyes and left at 9:30. He is leaving Quartzsite to go home this morning.  

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