Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday’s jeep ride took us back to a trail we started on a few weeks ago.
We were looking for a way through the Buckskin Mountains from Shea Road south of Parker, AZ.
We met at the fire station on the north end of Quartzsite.


There were nine jeeps in the group.

We left the fire station around 9:00 and drove north on SR 95 until we came to Shea Road where we turned east and drove to the AZ canal. We turned north on the power line road on the west side of the canal, stopped to air down the tires.


We followed the power line road for a short distance where we turned onto a small trail that dropped us into a wash heading north.


The wash took us back to the the power line road and we followed it to a place that is called the “Drop Off”


If you have been following this blog you may remember this spot form a the blog dated 01-17-13.

We stood around here for a while taking pictures. And waiting for a few of the group to catch up.
Tom got his jeep off the trail into a sand pit and had to be pulled out.
Dave’s jeep lost a bolt for the a rear sway bar. It took a little while to clear that, so it wouldn’t “clunk”.

After everyone had caught up, we headed on out the trail looking for one that would lead us  through the mountains to SR 95


We stopped in a wash for lunch.


After lunch we followed the trail to where we could see several trails going in different directions.


We systematically followed several of the tracks.


One of the trails took us past a game watering system


and to a view point where we could see the Colorado River and the mountains in California.


From there we got back on the trail still looking for an outlet.


Each trail took us to another view point


with fantastic views of Lake Havasu


and the mountains in the area.


At the last stop for the day we realized that there were no trails that went through the mountains due to feds closing them at the Bill Williams River game refuge. We could see the Bill Williams River bridge to the north.


In this picture you see the view to the east along the river.


From here we turned around and headed back toward Shea Road.


It took us four hours to get to where we turned around and just one hour to get back to Shea Road.

It was a great trip with breath taking views.

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