Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The weather the last couple of days has been perfect with temps in the mid 80’s.

Sunday I was puttering in the back when Roy came by with a GPS receiver that he no longer wanted and gave it to me.
I spent a good part of the rest of the day trying to get it working. About the time I decided to take a break,
Bob showed up from his camping trip in the Kofa.
See his blog at:


Bob will be following us to Ajo.
Later in the day I figured out how to run the GPS.

Monday, Patti did some laundry while I put the back seat in the jeep and loaded some more stuff in the RV for the trip to Ajo.
In the afternoon we went to Parker and did some last minute shopping.
Jo Ann, Dave, Sue and Denis left for Moab. They will go home from there. Becky and Dennis also left for Moab early this morning but they will be coming back to the park afterwards.

We are leaving for Ajo today. I still have some things to do before we take off. We probably won’t get out of here until noon.



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