Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, May, 07

You may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. We didn’t get home until around 8:30 and by the time I went through all the picture I was ready for bed.
Today we have to move to another spot and Patti want’s to do the laundry so we won’t be going on a ride.
Today and yesterday, the weather is/was very warm. Hi temp on both days around 87.
Yesterday we were scheduled for a jet boat ride on the Colorado River at 5:30pm.
Since we had time to kill, we hung around the RV until after lunch and then we drove into Moab to check out the used book store.
After that we took a ride up Highway 128 which goes east along the Colorado River (up stream).
As with every where around here no matter where you go every direction you look is postcard beautiful. The ride on 128 is no exception.
Here are a few pictures that probably don’t qualify as post cards but are still nice.

The river looks like it would be good for kayaking. It is a little faster up stream from Moab and the farther you go along 128 the more rapids you encounter.

There are lots of campgrounds and put-ins / takeouts along this stretch of the river.

Well, you know me, I can’t go to far on the pavement until I have to check out a dirt road so about 18 miles from Moab I turned off on a road going into the mountains.

This road went for a couple of miles and then just kind of petered out but we did get some pictures.
Near the end of the road we came to a camp for some kind of organization. I think the sign said something like “Colorado Plateau Study Institute” or something like that. Anyway, they had a bunch of teepees set up there, so Patti took a picture of them.

We also got a couple of nice cactus and wild flower pictures.

About 2 Miles further up 128 we came to a road called “Onion Creek Rd.” so of course I turned onto it and was glad I did. The road as far as we went was suitable for 2WD vehicles and went up a beautiful canyon. The road crossed the creek 23 times, only once on a bridge.

The views were great.

We found out later that this road is a loop but at the time we didn’t know that so after about 6 miles we turned back so we could get to town in town in time for the boat ride.

The boat left right on time. The ride was very nice and we got some good pictures. It was good seeing the canyon from another perspective and also it was nice not to have to drive so I could gawk around at everything.
This was our captain “Rory” a nice young local boy.

Here are some of the pics;

Along the way we saw some rock climbers.

And Petroglyph’s.

At one place we watched some of the Modified rigs scaling one of the”difficult” trails.

We saw Arches such as “Jug Handel Arch”

And “Poison Spider Arch”

And of course we saw wildlife.
Such as these Gulls taking off

and nesting “Blue Harrons".

We saw a Beaver but weren’t fast enough to get a good picture of it.
Here are some more views of the river and rocks.

The Moon was rising as we pulled back into the dock.

After the boat ride they fed us a wonderful all you can eat buffet supper with all the trimings.

It was another great day and boy were we tired.

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