Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, May, 5.

The morning started off warm and the day got warmer. When we checked the weather on the computer at 5:30 it was 83 degrees in Moab.

I slept in this morning and didn’t get up until around 8:30. By the time we got ready to take our ride it was around noon. We stopped at the RV Park office/store and bought a book with directions and descriptions of the various trails and ratings from easy to moderate to difficult. Easy is two wheel drivable. Moderate is any four wheel drive and Difficult is modified 4X4 with lockers, long suspension, big tires, heavy duty running, gear, winches , front and rear rescue hooks and “Big Big Balls” .
We also bought a map of the area with the same information.
The ride to Gemini Bridges was “Easy” we saw a Ford Focus and a Honda Sedan on the road so that’s got to tell you something. There were also Dirt bikes, Mountain bikes, ATV and jeeps.
Of course the scenery was great and we’ve got some pictures to show you.
You have a choice of two ways to get to Gemini Bridges.
One way is from the bottom up. You drive down Hwy 191 about 2 miles to where there is a parking lot where people off load there ATV’s, then climb the ridge and follow the road to Gemini Bridges, eventually coming out on Hwy 313 which goes to Canyon Lands National Park. Turn right and come back on the pavement to Hwy 191 about ¼ mile south of Arch View RV Park. Or you can go from the top down, just the reverse. The lady at the store said that the top down rout is the nicest so that is what we did.
Here is the first view after turning onto the dirt road.

It didn’t take very long to get to Gemini Bridges. We came to a turnout and had to walk about 300 yards to the Bridges.

It is actually two arches but about 4 feet apart but it is hard to get a picture of both of them.
I walked around a ledge to see if I could get a better picture. On the way I looked down through a gap and saw that there was another road and a trail that comes in from the bottom where it looks like you could get a some better shots but at that time I didn’t know where the road came in from.

I continued on around and got a few pictures from the cliff.

Here is Patti standing on the front bridge.

On my way back I saw this small arch and got a picture from each side.

I also came across this Claret Cup blooming.

We left the bridges and about a mile down the road we came to an intersection. We stopped to check our reference material and found that the turn off went to the place I saw from the cliff but according to the book it was about 7.5 miles an a moderate road to get there. That is around 15 miles round trip and we didn’t know how long it would take us to get out of here so we decided to save that ride for another day and continued on our original course. Coming down a steep hill we could see these jeeps passing a formation called the “Goony Bird” so I took a picture of them.

At the bottom of the hill I decided to take a turn off and see where it went as I was looking for a place to stop for lunch. We found the perfect spot. I always say “If it gets hot I look for a rock to crawl under“.

After lunch we got back to the main trail and soon came to the cliff overlooking Hwy 191.

We could even see our RV park from there.

Ok, well that’s about it for this trip.
Tomorrow we are taking a Jet Boat trip with dinner on the Colorado River.

Trip Time, 3hrs.
Trip distance, 29.2 miles.

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